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New Unpopular Unit Images
Had to delete my previous post.. can't figure out how to delete the image.

Edit: Reduced the size of the car.

Attached Files
.gif   Ground Car (Standard).gif (Size: 331 bytes / Downloads: 513)
The best that I can do....  Sad

Attached Files
.gif   Dune Buggy (Standard).gif (Size: 248 bytes / Downloads: 554)
I would help.....but it would be another rabbit hole to fall down into.  Next project I'm going to work on is providing all the separate images for all the different faction ranks and the USMC ones I use, images for US award/campaign ribbons, and service strips (for every 4-8 years of service) all for HQ.  That can be put over the portraits and mock up screen shots of the various right click and campaign options menus of how I see it being implemented in my head just as an example to Akjosch.  i do eventually want to help out with making unit icons for ones that MM is missing even though I dont have any miniatures.  Like the 7-hex dropship images Big Grin
There's no end to your projects, and I haven't include your programming learning project. :p

Btw, size wise, do you think the car is slightly big or just right, comparing with the existing images.
Hm, I would find the image for like the flat bed truck and probably make it like half the length of the flat bed for a dune buggy.  I like the car but, i dont wanna knit pick or nothing but, i think the dune buggy could look better.  Probably the same width in pixels as like a flat bed truck but, half the length if I was making it in gimp.  The ground car image is good, sizewise compare it to the truck again and make sure it is at least smaller than the truck like in real life.  Deadborder really is the local expert on these unit images.

[Image: matt_t_20.jpg]

I see the dune buggy as like the warthog from the Halo games or something but, Im not the one working on this lol so, all you.
That's a cool looking jeep. Mine was based on the dune buggy in AToW. It's small, very small.
Stoat Scout Car (Standard)

Attached Files
.gif   Stoat Scout Car (Standard).gif (Size: 387 bytes / Downloads: 514)
I'll arrange to get these added to MM next time I have a bunch of Sprites to do.  I would make the Dune Buggy a little bigger.  I think when BT added a militarized dune buggy it was inspired by one of these.
OK... Dune buggy slightly bigger.. and some changes to Stoat.

Attached Files
.gif   Stoat Scout Car (Standard).gif (Size: 390 bytes / Downloads: 503)
.gif   Dune Buggy (Standard).gif (Size: 261 bytes / Downloads: 504)
Skimmer (Standard) based on the only available art.. Japanese Battletech

Attached Files
.gif   Skimmer (Standard).gif (Size: 246 bytes / Downloads: 502)
Fixed one of Stoat Scout Car (Standard)'s wheel.

Attached Files
.gif   Stoat Scout Car (Standard).gif (Size: 388 bytes / Downloads: 492)
Apologies, I forgot to add these on this release.  I'll make sure they are in the next one.

bad Hammer, Sad
Eh? No problem. I'm still seeing it in my games. Hahaha
Air Car (Standard).. based on the only art available.. Japanese Battletech

Attached Files
.gif   Air Car (Standard).gif (Size: 420 bytes / Downloads: 488)
Speeder (Standard)

Attached Files
.gif   Speeder (Standard).gif (Size: 358 bytes / Downloads: 478)
Stupid question to ask, but I have no PC access today, can I use png format for unit files?
(08-10-2016, 08:20 PM)SirMegaV link Wrote: Stupid question to ask, but I have no PC access today, can I use png format for unit files?

Yes. PNGs, GIFs, and JPGs all work (although JPGs aren't a good choice).
Converted to png file format... and enlarged Stoat (Standard).

Attached Files
.png   Air Car (Standard).png (Size: 412 bytes / Downloads: 485)
.png   Dune Buggy (Standard).png (Size: 278 bytes / Downloads: 486)
.png   Ground Car (Standard).png (Size: 309 bytes / Downloads: 486)
.png   Skimmer (Standard).png (Size: 268 bytes / Downloads: 485)

Attached Files
.png   Speeder (Standard).png (Size: 342 bytes / Downloads: 484)
.png   Stoat Scout Car (Standard).png (Size: 747 bytes / Downloads: 485)
Heavy transport B1 and jet sled based on JBT.

Attached Files
.png   Jet Sled (Standard).png (Size: 218 bytes / Downloads: 480)
.png   Heavy Transport B1 (Standard).png (Size: 495 bytes / Downloads: 479)

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