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Missing Unit Images
This post is old and has been updated here.
I added TRO 3039 and the XTR series to the list.
Added ED Golden Century.
Added TRO 3055, 3058 and 3060
Added TRO 3067 and 3075

That means I'm pretty much done. If you find any error, please tell me. But keep in mind, this list uses the current SVN and not any release as its base.
I created these images for my 3040 homeworlds league, but you guys can use them. Not sure if you have a Lupus or Woodsman yet, so I'll just post it anyway.

"Lupus Prime"
[Image: Lupus.jpg]
[Image: Lupus.gif]

"Lupus A"
[Image: LupusA.gif]

"Lupus B"
[Image: LupusB.gif]

"Mercury II"

[Image: Wolverine-MercuryII.gif]

[Image: MercuryII.gif]

"Coyotl Prime"

[Image: Coyotl.jpg]

[Image: coyotlprime.gif]

"Coyotl A"

[Image: coyotla.gif]

"Woodsman Prime"

[Image: Woodsman.jpg]

[Image: woodsmanprime.gif]

"Woodsman A"

[Image: woodsmana.gif]


[Image: wakazashi.gif]

"Fixed" images. In some cases you guys have the images flipped (and the Kit Fox is still that way, haven't gotten around to fixing it).


[Image: grizzly.gif]


[Image: shootist2.gif]

Made the Thresher a bit more detailed.

[Image: thresher.gif]

Hetzer Variants:

Hetzer AC10

[Image: hetzerAC10.gif]

Hetzer SRM

[Image: hetzersrm.gif]

Hetzer LRM

[Image: hetzerLRM.gif]

Hetzer Medium Laser

[Image: hetzerml.gif]
Great work. Smile
Thank you Smile
Delphyne protomech
[Image: delphyne.gif]

Cecerops protomech
[Image: cecerops.gif]
Thank you Smile
I made a few images from your list.  Some are kitbashes, others are all-new.
From TRO: 3075
Quasit Militiamech
[Image: Quasit.gif]
Triton Protomech
[Image: triton.gif]

From XTRO: Steiner
BGS-4X Barghest
[Image: barghest4X.gif]
AXM-6X Axman
[Image: axman6X.gif]

From XTRO: Primitives I
COM-1A Commando
[Image: CommandoPrimitive.gif]
Regarding the Helepolis, the art for the primitive one is nearly identical to the original except for the barrel tip.  I thought the original image was a little bit small for a 75 ton mini, so I made a slightly larger and more detailed image.  Then, I used that image as the basis for the primitive one.
New image for "Standard" Helepolis
[Image: helepolis.gif]
HEP-1H Helepolis (primitive)
[Image: helepolisPrimitive.gif]

As always, I am interested in feedback (or questions) on these images.
very nice.
Yes these are good
Galahad image appears to be off center. The perfectly centered camo I made for him shows it, but the mech also looks off center in the hex as well. Damn that camo looks good Wink

[Image: mapbleed.png]
oh thanks for bringing back the nightmare that was last nights game Ral! if it wasn't for the fact i have the rules set to enemy commander killed princess pretty much handed me my butt.  But yes that camo does look good and your right about the Galahad being off center.
Hey guys,

I'm new around here but I've been playing Battletech consistently for a month or two and I can draw, so I decided I would help out with your spriting. Just to practice, I thought I'd start with a vehicle that people wouldn't really see much in-game anyway - the Engineering Vehicle.

[Image: E3Tu5.gif]

It was pretty hard to piece together from the frankly baffling original art and the diverse potential loadouts. I also had to completely improvise for the rear portion, but the vehicle seems to be as in-line with canon as necessary.

I wasn't sure if I should have just dumped it in here or not, but it seems to be reasonable, so I have done so. Please let me know if this is a workable sprite, and if you have any advice or recommendations for future sprites.

EDIT: Oops, I drew it flipped. Nothing a little Horizontal Flip in Paint.NET couldn't fix.
Hello again,

I have finished spriting the Tokugawa Heavy Tank:
[Image: ASs0F.gif]

I had to take some minor liberties with the main barrel (apparently Duane thinks shotgun shells come out of coin slots), the front wheel shrouds (originally drawn in such a way that steering would be impossible) and the rear wheel hinges (on top of being a mess perspective-wise, there was spatial intersection between the rear wheels and the turret, which has been slightly alleviated by this changed spacing). Let me know if there's anything I should change or fix.
Thank you HeavyGauss and Barcode.

Barcode: could you make the Engineering Vehicle a bit smaller? It's a bit too big for the MM hexes.
DarkISI: Done. It's a bit skinnier and shorter overall now, which probably is better anyway, given how it's supposed to just be a 40-ton machine.

[Image: NlD18.gif]

EDIT: I have also edited the Tokugawa sprite slightly, and completed variant sprites for the Tokugawa TKG-150, TKG-151, and SD2 variants. I still have to make some final changes to the MRM, do the Yumi (if at all necessary) and the Streak variant (I originally saw it and thought it was visually identical to the stock variant; I later realized it has an extra laser). The C3 slave variant is visually identical to the stock variant.

DOUBLE EDIT: Completed the missing Yumi, MRM, and Streak variants.

Here are (in order) the original, TKG-150, TKG-151, SD2, MRM, Streak, and Yumi variants:

[Image: kpdi7.gif], [Image: aL9OE.gif], [Image: 0FBsM.gif], [Image: kxy6q.gif], [Image: dcXIz.gif], [Image: rg96g.gif], [Image: is9wa.gif]
These images are absolutely amazing...must upload them all.

Keep up the excellent work!
Whipped up new images for the two Kyudo variants lacking individual images, the KY2-D-01 (One of the requested primitives) and KY2-D-02. These are simple edits to the original image (based on the KY2-D-03).
The following are the edits I made to the original image:
The KY2-D-01 has had the RT missile launcher removed, and the RA laser was made smaller to distinguish it visually from the other Kyudos, which have ER lasers.
The Ky2-D-02 has had the RT missile launcher removed, and the LA launcher was increased in size (it still doesn't have 20 ports, but making it any larger would have made the 'Mech model unbalanced visually).


Attached Files
.gif   kyudo_d_01.gif (Size: 1.49 KB / Downloads: 228)
.gif   kyudo_d_02.gif (Size: 1.49 KB / Downloads: 231)

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