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Princess and Double Blind
Hello there!

I've been looking around for a little bit, but couldn't find much information newer than 2013...
I have a very little question. Is Princess bot able to handle Double Blind rule nowadays?

She is not.  If you have double blind on and the map's terrain is not extremely hilly she "acts" like she works with DB but, really she just knows to go after sensor contacts.  So, if she doesnt have any sensor contacts in DB she will just sit there until you come into visual range or she gets a contact.
Ah! That's a shame. Sad
Thank you for the prompt reply!
I know this is an old thread. But I have been building a pirate hunting campaign AtB and Double blind is a big part of that. I like very large maps so a lot of the time sensors will not have anything to pick up and the Princess bot will tend to just sit there. Even with the new 0.47.5 release. What I have come up with takes some prep work, but as a game master in many gaming systems thats really not a big deal.

So one way that I have come up with to make this work is to assign target hexes to the princess bot. Basically when you make the bot, create a few Strategic Targets that target a hex, lie and say its a building but put the hex number in the field next to it. the more you add the more the bot will travel the map point to point till it gets a sensor hit. Then depending on the Behavior of the Bot, I tend to use Juggernaut, it will either target and attack, or missile boat what ever. I also like to run more than one bot, so you can split these hexes between the bots, giving your Bot teams some flexability.

The prep work involves loading the maps and getting a few hexes that I want my Bots to travel towards. If you do not want the Bot going deep into the map I place a few hexes close to deployment edge and build a small patrol route, if you will. When I do this it forces the bot to move to these hexes but not travel too deep into the map giving players time to traverse the map towards the enemy. I use this in my Hide and Seek missions where the "Pirates" are trying to avoid the enemy but have to defend their base.

I tend to play with other players co-operatively so I take some liberties when I choose the maps or set the enemy up. But I like to let the bot run its team so I am not really playing against the players. Does anyone else have other suggestions for Double Blind Play with the Bot?

Princess it's really isn't optimized for Double blind. Your current ideas are the best.

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