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How would you go about running a Co-op Campaign?
So I've seen a few people post about running cooperative campeigns, some by having each player own their own company, other by being given Controll of their own lance in a company (sometimes one mech per lance), and honestly I'm not sure how to go about it the right way for the campeign I have in mind.

Well, the campaign in question was supposed to be all of us be pirates with one mech each, and I would be the GM who controls the enemy team(s) and planetary conditions, all while letting my friends dictate where they want to go a do what to do with their supplies.

The problem with running a pirate campeign is that there's no way that I can see to have us all under the same company of bandits while allowing individual control for each unit, and since it would be counter intuitive to have each player be their own GM for their own campeign, I figured the best way to go about this was to split up each mech into their own lance and then manually hand control over to each player once the mission's scenario is started.

Does anyone have similar experience with this or have people attempted having one mech per person all on the same team?

I'd certainly like to hear what you have done in your experience.

Thank you for reading, and thanks for listening to a total Megamek noob who has been too spoiled by traditional tabletop homebrew rules.
In my experience, I've always had one campaign file and just gave players their forces individually (so they each need a scenario). Usually one player acts as a CO to give the unit a bit more cohesion on selecting missions and making decisions, etc. but I could see that being extremely lose for a bunch of pirates.

One thing to keep in mind is to make sure salvage is not awarded multiple times when you resolve (i.e. you're going to need to resolve a battle once for each player, so if you have 4 players that's 4 times you resolve the same fight. You don't want the player's getting the same salvage 4 times.)
Interesting that you would bring up salvage because that seems to be an issue when resolving conflicts where multiple people are on the same team. The scenario wouldn't end untill everyone but the GM typed /defeat and I typed /Victory, thus only one .MUL file would get salvage rights, so I'm wondering if that has to do with the way I put together the teams or the fact that friendly fire is an option that I enabled?
Everyone on the 'losing' team needs to type /defeat but only one person on the winning team needs to type /victory
We currently run one campaign file in MekHQ. Shared via screensharing.

When we launch into a battle, each player then connects via their own local megamek, I assign 'their' mech(s) to them, we form up on the correct 'teams', and then we run the battle. At the end they all traiter back to the original 'player' just before victory or defeat; this makes bringing the assigned mechs back into the campaign file a little more seamless when resolving the outcome in MekHQ. It's not perfect* but it has worked pretty well.

The main issue is the screensharing itself isn't perfect; we've tried skype, teamviewer, and meetingburner so far... and each has had its own tradeoffs.

We're trying to start a new campaign so if there's other / better ways, I'd be interested.
Does google's voice chat (and video chat) have a screen share function? I don't know anything about screen sharing since I don't do it much. You could also try something like Twitch for streaming stuff.

Thanks for the info on how to split and merge units from one campaign file to multiple people. I'll have to use that. Wink
Teamviewer might be a solution. connects multiple computers to the host machine.
So I just started a new campaign; and my current setup is to run mekhq in a virtual machine with a resolution of 1366x900 or so. Then players connect to that via VNC. We launch a mission from MekHQ, it fires up Megamek, and we each connect to it from our local machines.

Then we do as described above, form up on a single team, assign each player their units from the "campaign player".
Fight the bot, and then on win/lose; /traitor all the units back to the original player. (use /who to get the player numbers, and /listEntities to get the entity id to use for the /traitor command.) Then /victory or /defeat and it all comes back cleanly into MekHQ.

Running MekHQ in a VM solved the screen resolution hassles we were having with different screensharing solutions. I'm using VNC right now, but other options would work.
sorry to necro this thread, but I found it fascinating. I was thinking of ways to do a co-op campaign with a friend that lives in a remote area. Hadn't thought of team viewer.
I wonder, if after a year, any new method has been shared?
(08-15-2019, 01:36 PM)plutonick Wrote: sorry to necro this thread, but I found it fascinating. I was thinking of ways to do a co-op campaign with a friend that lives in a remote area. Hadn't thought of team viewer.
I wonder, if after a year, any new method has been shared?

Well, I can say that our campaign is still running. Completed a couple contracts now. And its been pretty smooth sailing.
I'm running a dedicated VM for MekHQ, and friends connect to that with VNC, the firewall whitelists their .  I can leave it running even when we're not playing if they want to connect and setup refits, do repairs, etc...

And we still each run megamek locally for the battles as described earlier; so the battles are no hassle at all, other than a bit of setup at the start of each battle to get players assigned their units.

Over the last year a new screensharing options have cropped up; but I haven't played with them. Microsoft Teams has come a long way and would be worth trying. Slack has screensharing and remote control support too (although i think you need to be paid to use it.) Discord has added screensharing, but i don't think it has remote control.

For us remote control support was a must; for others you might prefer to do everything yourself, and just have the other players able to watch/chat as you work with it.

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