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Extinction/not available
I'll admit I don't know a lot about the BattleTech universe/story. 

I'm playing a campaign set in 3028 and wanted to proceed with that tech level. I generated my unit and rolled to see what mechs they came with (I'm using the AtB rules). Once I knew the weight class of the mechs I went into GM mode and randomly added mechs from the 'purchase parts' option. By randomly I mean I closed my eyes and picked them. I have the limit parts by year option on, so all the mechs on the list were listed as pre 3028.

So after a battle I'm trying to repair my Shadow Hawk 2HB (year 2752) but it has parts that are said to be 'extinct' (such LB X 10 ammo, streak SRM 2 ammo, or ferro armor) and others that "aren't available to my unit yet" (such as endo-steel parts).

When is tech considered to be extinct and why was I able to pick a mech that is fitted with future and extinct tech? What can I do to work around this (besides purchasing parts that aren't available to this time period? 

I'm sure this isn't the only mech I picked that is fitted with the wrong tech. Maybe I can refit the mechs with current tech - something I think can be done but never tried?

I know there were techs that were lost/forgotten due to conflict, maybe I'm in an era that went back in time tech-wise?

Thank you.
So I've figured out that certain parts are limited during certain contracts - in case anyone was wondering. That was partly the problem. I also now know many of the 'advanced' techs just aren't available to this era and so some mechs might have to be refitted.

Sorta answered my own question, but still, I'm sure I'm not the only one that didn't know this.
There are lots of issues in MekHQ around equipment and units showing up when they shouldn't. We are finishing up work on Int Ops Tech Progression and this will have a considerable impact into MekHQ and its availabilities.

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