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Parts availability
I'm running a campaign using the AtB rules. The date is Jan 2 3040 and my Merc unit is A (131). Unfortunatly I do not have access to parts I should. ER PPC's were available in 3037 and there are several new parts that become available in 3040 like the AMS and Ferro-Fibrous. None of the parts are available. I've combed through my campaign settings and can't seem to figure this out without just opening up everything...and I don't really want to do that and have parts that are only available later (C3 computers and such) available in 3040.
If I had to guess your Merc Rating is still too low. Also depends on the missions your on.
(11-21-2018, 02:31 PM)Hammer Wrote: If I had to guess your Merc Rating is still too low. Also depends on the missions your on.
Please see the part availability section in the AtB rules in the docs folder for addition part availability restrictions based on contract type or admin rating.
You'll want to check a few things:
Does the part show as "impossible" while others don't? If so, mouse over it. If it says "it is extinct!", then you may need to adjust your "maximum tech level" in the tech limits tab of campaign options. If it says "this part is not available to your unit", then you'll want to make sure you're off-contract and your logistics guy has a really good admin skill (or whatever skill you've got set for parts acquisition).
Figured it out. all your responses got me looking closer and then I noticed the problem. No Admin/Logistics. Hired one, problem solved. Always the simple things. Thanks guys!

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