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Asymmetrical warfare and potentially unwanted realism
What's up robot fans.

After playing AtB for 2.5 ingame years and winning 2 campaigns (about to win the 3rd), I've run into some interesting bot and rat generator behaviors. Interesting as in they may as well be intended behaviors or completely emergent.

The rat generator will almost always attempt to wolfpack the player by deploying a large number of cheap, fast, high-damage units. This becomes more pronounced as the AI starts losing wars. The bot knows exactly what's up and how to utilize those units. As the situation becomes more dire (both on a tactical and on a strategic layer), the AI becomes more and more aggressive and takes bigger risks. If it calculates that it can't win it will immediately focus the strongest or most vulnerable unit to do as much permanent damage as it can.

I've started off using mainly grand dragons (cause why the hell not), expecting 4v4 heavy lance fights. The AI will attempt to deploy at least 12 units, from kicking teams made out of wolverines, griffins, panthers and other mobile mechs to hovercraft armed with ac20s or multiple srm6s. This has caused the dragons to evolve into tusk abramses (I'm already on MkIV), with max ferro armor, enough mobility to not get wolfpacked, and multiple LPL and ML to have enough accuracy at night and againt fast movers. Kick and avoid being kicked. Whenever I have a unit that doesn't have enough mobility, accuracy and armor, it needs to be protected by the rest of the team or the AI will just take advantage of it.

Is there a way to have symmetrical 4v4 or 8v8 battles in AtB, eg. by limiting the enemy's deployment weight and lance size? Should I just accept realistic, post cold war warfare as the natural order of things? And would any of my problems be solved by using a helicopter?
You can reduce the amount of vehicles by unchecking "double enemy vehicles" and setting the odds of tank and mixed lances lower in the atb config options. You can even configure that section so you face mechs exclusively. The battles aren't going to be symmetrical (enemy force will always be between 4-12 units). Partially, this is because, with the exception of perfectly flat terrain, the bot isn't quite as good as a human player, and doesn't really provide a challenge in most cases with even numbers.

I don't think helicopters are going to help much, unless you deploy them in swarms. Which is not really an option under AtB rules.

For what it's worth, I also tend to favor 5/8/5 mediums and 4/6/4 heavies.
The elephant in the room being that a light, mobile irregular force like Hezbolah or the Viet Cong is always going to outperform a traditional army.

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