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Using MekHQ as the backoffice of a Battletech/MW 2nd edition Campaign
I'm going to be running a MW 2nd Edition with Battletech Campaign and I plan to use MegaMek and MekHQ to run the Battletech side of the campaign.

I'm wondering if anyone has tried this before and what rule sets inside MekHQ you used and didn't use (ATB, Custom, Etc)

I'd love some other suggestions for anyone that may have tried this before.
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I've been playing ATB since early 2017 in a longrunning campaign for background details on how the Mercenary company my players are a part of is doing, where they are and likely objectives. If the players think that the forces that are scheduled to do battle are outmatched, they can go behind enemy lines to either eliminate the problem entirely, or, say, take out a missile depot and cause an ammo shortage in the enemy Mechs.
Each of them have a customised Battle Armour which I have Techs to repair, but then my timeline has likely taken a large departure from the canon by now. At the start of the 4th succession wars, a Mercenary Company owns several shipyards, Mech Factories, Weapons Factories and is beginning to carve out their own political niche in the Inner Sphere.
And they don't even have Clantech yet.
We've been playing several missions as "once a year" things over several generations, so we've been playing the same company since the fall of the Star League, meaning we still had minor stockpiles of Gauss Ammunition and powerful Lostech by the time the 3rd Succession Wars rolled around where we began to play as a single generation week by week each session.
We use a lot of infantry (specifically Jump Infantry with Laser Rifles) and specialise in night-missions where tanks and Mechs are at a disadvantage, so we've been using customised Mechs, complete overhauls and new designs to represent the company's unconventionality, as they were originally pirates who "went straight" with the fall of the Star League and the chaos it caused.

After all, if there's nobody to raid, pirates are out of luck, but if you can strengthen trading relationships, help people out instead of crush them, turns out they give you a little bit less than if you were to take it, but they're still there to give more next year.

That being said, I'm using it all as a back-end for ATOW, not 3rd ed. so there may be discrepancies that I'm not aware of.

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