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New Player just joined
Hi Everyone,
                       I did play BattleTech many years ago and when I saw the MegaMek game I wanted to get back into it again.
I am virtually a newbie again with a lot to learn and I'm looking forward to playing against the AI before I'm ready to fight a real player.

Any help appreciated, I have a lot of reading to try to find out how to play .

I am UK based.


Hey and welcome!

You can always ask your questions here, the MegaMek sub-forum on the official BattleTech forums, or on our Slack channel we have. You will probably get faster answers on Slack and might even find someone to play.

Good luck and blow some enemies up!
Hi Xenon54z,
                            Sorry for late reply. Thanks for the welcome. As a noobie  I am busy trying to set up my first campaign AtB to get used to the game and it's systems.  I am following the guide created by CampaignAnon. I was wondering if I make a mess of the mercenary company I'm setting up can I go back to correct mistakes and if so how ?

It's a good guide just sometimes easy to make a mistake in the setup. I seem to have created my 3 lances each filled with the same type of mech , but I think there should be a light, a couple of mediums and an heavy or assault mech in the lance ? Thoughts.

Thanks again

Save scum.

I frequently save a Campaign just under the bare bones with the settings I like and probably the Forces set up, then one at "Start" where I have the roster filled with death-dealing machines and people, then "Progress" as I play through. So if "Progress" starts going wrong, I can go back to "Start" or even the basic and rebuild from the ground up (I tend to do this a LOT).

As a for instance. . . read Betrayal of Ideals not long ago, and fell in love with Clan Wolverine, so I play my own game where the Wolverines are still active and decide to start paying the other Clans back long about 3050. So, I have "Wolverines" which is just the setup for the campaign rules I like and the Remembrance Cluster (with Command, Striker, and Assault Trinaries and the Stars that make them up all ready to be filled). Loading that game, I hire up my MechWarriors, vehicle crews, techs, doctors, and so on and add my 'Mechs, tanks, etc. Once I have the roster all sorted out to my standards, I save it as "Start," then start advancing days, kicking ass, and taking isorla, saving my progress under, well, "Progress."

So, I have my roster partially set up, but want to walk away for whatever reason, I can save "Start" with the partial roster. Then come back and keep filling it out. If I make a booboo, I can reload the old "Start" and not lose everything I've done so far. Even I have to rebuild the unit from the ground up, I can go back to "Wolverines" and not have to start a new campaign, set up the rules, remake the Forces and Icons again before I proceed to fixing the mistake (which after all that, I probably don't remember what mistake I made that needed fixing in the first place).
Hi ErikModi,

Thanks for your thoughts. Basically as I progress setting up my mercenary company I should save my progress to allow me to go back and correct any foul ups.

By the way, what are "Blind " games ?



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