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V0.47.9 Dev - Can't load tileset - Linux (With Fix)
showInfo : Starting MegaMek v0.47.9 ...
        Compiled on Sat Aug 08 00:16:58 EDT 2020
        Today is Sun Sep 13 10:14:16 EDT 2020
        Java vendor Ubuntu
        Java version 11.0.8
        Platform Linux 5.4.0-47-generic (amd64)
        Total memory available to MegaMek: 8,194,048 kB

10:14:16,716 INFO [megamek.MegaMek] {main}


10:18:25,800 ERROR [megamek.client.ui.swing.tileset.TilesetManager] {AWT-EventQueue-0}
TilesetManager() : Error loading tileset saxarba.tileset Reverting to default hexset!


Did some troubleshooting (renamed the saxarba tilesets to the default tileset to throw an exception) and the fix was:

Changing these lines in saxarba.tileset:

include "incline/inclines2.tileinc"
include "high_incline/high_inclines.tileinc"
include "saxarba/SMV_SeaPort/SeaPort.tileinc"


include "Incline/Inclines2.tileinc"
include "High_Incline/High_Inclines.tileinc"
include "saxarba/SMV_SeaPort/Seaport.tileinc"


Hope that helps some other folks.

If you're on Linux and have issues with tilesets on 0.47.9, you can rename the defaulthexset.txt to something else, then rename whichever tileset you want to load as defaulthexset.txt. When you open up MegaMek it will throw an error that tells you which files are missing. May have to do it a couple times, as it will error out on only the first problem file - keep trying to open a game or the map editor (anything that will cause the tileset to load) and changing the files to match what's in the data/images/hexes directory until it loads.
This might be a case of a case-sensitive file system. Either way, probably best to file a bug report at
Hey rj,

I thought that might be it too as this is my first time running MM on linux, so I also did a d/l of the latest stable and that worked with no issues. Filed a bug report as well, thanks!

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