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Aerospace Spotting Question
My group and I have been playing for a while, but recently we started using double blind rules. Trouble is, one of the players, who absolutely loves his aero fighters, is no longer able to spot anything with them. The only way he can see anything with them is to directly overfly the target. He doesn't get a sensor return with his fighters either. He normally flies between altitude 1-8 and really likes dropping bombs, which is now difficult for him. 

Is this normal line of sight for aero fighters on a ground map? Should he be able to see my units easier or at least detect them on sensors?

We are using version 0.46.1.
From Tactical Operations Advanced Rules.

Airborne Units: Against other airborne units, use the Visible Range Table as usual. However, against ground units, an airborne unit is only able to visually detect units along its
flight path and must be at or below Altitude 8.

Airborne Units: Sensor ranges are considerably curtailed for airborne units. As with visual spotting, airborne units must be at or below Altitude 8 in order to make a sensor roll. Short range indicates that any unit within 1 hex of the flight path is detected, medium range is any unit 2 hexes away from the flight path and long range is any unit 3 hexes away. Any active probes increase this range to 1-2 for short, 3-4 for medium, and 5-6 for long.

The rules for Aero's and double blind have been considerable reworked by CGL over the years. We just implement as RAW. Any rules questions should be directed to the official forums Games Rules Section.
Fantastic, thanks for your help!

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