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Need to purchase impossible repairs
For some failed repairs in the Repair Bay, the system shows the repair as impossible, but flags up that a part needs to be purchased.

This affects systems and body locations where the repair has failed and the part is reported as destroyed.  the flag "impossible" gets left set, but the part cannot be scrapped

In this case the XML has the Gyro in question listed as:

                <part id="57236" type="">
                        <name>Standard Gyro</name>

the unit shows:

<unit id="d9673661-51f7-4367-9823-b8980c3dadf0" type="mekhq.campaign.Unit">
                        <entity chassis="Vindicator" model="VND-3L" type="Biped" commander="false" externalId="d9673661-51f7-4367-9823-b8980c3dadf0">
                                <location index="1"> Center Torso
                                        <slot index="4" type="System" isHit="true" isRepairable="false" isDestroyed="true"/>
                                        <slot index="5" type="System" isHit="true" isRepairable="false" isDestroyed="true"/>
                                        <slot index="6" type="System" isHit="true" isRepairable="false" isDestroyed="true"/>
                                        <slot index="7" type="System" isHit="true" isRepairable="false" isDestroyed="true"/>

The way to resolve this currently is to purchase the part (via acquisitions tab), then scrap the part, delete the transaction from the finance tab, and then got to Purchase Parts to get a part you can actually then install.

Scrap the part first... then buy one. Not buy, scrap, buy.
The point is that under these circumstances you cannot scrap the part.  You have to buy it before it allows you to scrap it.
(04-05-2012, 03:31 PM)neilfw link Wrote: The point is that under these circumstances you cannot scrap the part.  You have to buy it before it allows you to scrap it.

In that case you've already done the right thing by submitting a bug report Smile

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