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Hosted Web Server
What is needed to set up a hosted web server solution for MegaMek?
(04-24-2012, 01:25 PM)Treesmasha link Wrote: What is needed to set up a hosted web server solution for MegaMek?

What? Do you mean like port forwarding or java? Or are you looking for someplace to play?
I have a hosted website. I was thinking of adding a "page" for my friends and I to play MegaMek on instead of using someone's pc.
You can't do this via a webserver. You need a VPS or Dedicated as you have to actually run a copy of MegaMek on the server.
So there is still no way to run a MegaMek server with a cPanel server?
Damn shame we would love to get one running.
Actually depending on what scale cPanel you are using it would be possible provided its not web only. From what I have seen (and used in the distant past) of cPanel many dedicated servers use it for running near everything. From restarts to installing new versions of the OS.

As ralgith stated years ago, you have to be able to run a program on the server, not just host web sites. You would in effect be installing new software onto the machine (like removing apache to install some odd web server or installing subversion onto a machine so you could keep a dedicated svn.

When it comes to hosting you have: web, VPS, dedicated, and co-location. Co-located means you ship your own server to a hosting company and they place it on their network. Dedicated is for you pretty much rent one of their servers. VPS is split between several people (typically a cheaper form of dedicated only it is virtual). Web... well we should all know this one. You get to host a web site, ftp, sql database, and if you are really lucky enough cpu cycles to run a few web based games (it would be interesting to see MM as a web game).

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