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Making "small guys" more viable
Maybe I'm a layman, but i find infantry and light mechs severely outclassed vs heavy and assault mechs. These little guys almost stand no chance. I know that MegaMek follows the official rules, but wouldn't be there a place for a change?
I mean the following:

1. Infantry gets murdered by heavy weapons. A ER PPC hitting a platoon kills 15 men!!! Now think about it - does the infantry group so much as to be 1-shot killed? A PPC normally would kill 1-4 men moslty due to the blast. But flamers and MGs (otherwise not very effective weapons) would do wonders against infantry, as well as pulse lasers. So the modifiers can be introduced that make heavy weaponry (and heavy mechs) mostly ineffective against infantry, thus making infantry more survivable and giving anti-infantry weapons a new purpose.

2. Light mechs are heavily outclassed. Their speed, even if it's very high, is of small help. A good mechwarrior can still have a high chance of hitting a small mech (a bad one won't hit a shuttle though). To equalize things a bit, we may follow MWO experience - make heavier mechs more slow to target and easier to hit ("size" modifier will apply - a smaller target is more difficult to hit by a larger mech and a small mech will easier target an assault). This can be "graded" (to light, medium,heavy, infantry and so on).

Please express your opinions on helping the little guys become more useful.
1. I believe TacOps already takes care of this and MM also has it implemented. The damage to infantry is adjusted depending on what weapon did the damage. Try out some of the advance rules and see what it changes. I personally like infantry because they fill a nice role. And it takes practise to use them right, just like every other unit.

2. What are you doing having a light mech up against an assault? I mean you don't take a pistol to a sniper challenge. Light mechs are usually in the role of scouts or recons. And I would point you to one of my favorite scenarios where you have a marauder with a 5/6 pilot against a locust with a 2/3 pilot. Basically rich kid vs an experience vet and the rich kid thinks he can win. Most of the time the locust wins. I personally don't want it to change. You'd have to be desperate or overrunning the force to even want to attack the same level or lower pilot in a light mech when they are in an assault. Of course this doesn't work in online simulation where skill is who can actually move the mech cross hairs and pull the trigger. But this is MM and there is no skill of cross hairs, just the tactics of where to move and what to do and when. The dice decides all the hits. So my advice is don't ever move a light mech in physical attack range of an assault mech. Wink

Anyway, just my 2 cents. 8)
1. I'm not sure how much you've used infantry in MM or how familiar you are with the official rules but heavy weapons already shouldn't do full damage in most cases, most direct fire weapons have their damage divided by 10 for instance and there are similar rules for all heavy weapon types, though being out in the open hurts a lot and anti-infantry weapons already do significantly more to infantry than vs 'Mechs/tanks. So this is already implemented and by the books. See Total Warfare for rules for infantry. With extra options in TacOps.

2. The speed of light mechs can be a massive help. That said, it is very rare to be able to take on anything significantly heavier with any weight-class 1 on 1. Lights have their purpose and it isn't straight brawling. I've found that giving most lights and some mediums the narrow/low profile quirk gives them a bit more of a boost but your mileage may vary if you don't utilize their maximum movement modifiers. There are also other advanced rules that can somewhat help out lights from TacOps that are already in megamek as optional settings.
(11-15-2012, 07:54 PM)raufbold link Wrote: To equalize things a bit, we may follow MWO experience

Battletech (and therefore MegaMek) is not an MMO, and it's not supposed to be anything close to one. This is not a game of tanks, DPS, and healers. This is a game of massive war machines that very loosely follows the way of the real world in the sense that more heavily armored and armed units generally beat lighter armed and armored units, regardless of movement speed. In Battletech, the assault and heavy 'Mechs are both the tanks and the DPS in MMO parlance. Light 'Mechs simply are not intended to fight assault and heavy 'Mechs. As Xenon54z said, light 'Mechs are the scouts--they find the enemy, then report back to base. In a fight, they utilize their (usually) greater speed to get behind the enemy to take pot shots at rear armor, or otherwise act as a distraction. But, they can't slug it out with the heavier 'Mechs, and they aren't meant to do that.

That said, if you throw enough light 'Mechs at an assault 'Mech, the lights will win. I posted a story here a while back about me in a 100 tonner against 12 lights controlled by a bot, and I lost. While this example was with 12 lights, which of course is a high number, I figure I would hvae lost against a lesser number as well, although I haven't figured out exactly how few it takes it defeat a 100 tonner. The point being, lights can do something against the heavier 'Mechs. But, don't expect anywhere near an even fight if it's 1 on 1.
I just had a fight (on the board, not via MM) where I played a B-Master 3S, Awesome 8V, Cicada 2A and Ostscout 7J. Each of the two little ones did almost the same amount of damage as the assaults. You just have to know how to play them Wink
(11-16-2012, 09:00 PM)Akira213 link Wrote: I just had a fight (on the board, not via MM) where I played a B-Master 3S, Awesome 8V, Cicada 2A and Ostscout 7J. Each of the two little ones did almost the same amount of damage as the assaults. You just have to know how to play them Wink
The same can be said about infantry in my opinion (and other units of course). Saw a quote once where it was like: When infantry see a mech coming, they either curse under their breath, or they secretly smile as the fool walks into their trap. Which is one thing I really like about Battletech and MM. The diversity of settings and units is WONDERFUL!

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