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Can we improve refits, assign multiple techs?
It seems odd that refits are entirely linear.  One tech chewing through all the pre-calculated minutes, and then also the "add N%" to the entire repair at the end if the roll is failed.  Just had one refit fail :-( and it added over 58000 (yes thousand) minutes to the repair (112 days).

If we apply the logic that multiple techs would remove parts in parallel down to the depth necessary for the repair and then there is likely to be a core "single point"... e.g. swapping and engine, or replacing the chassis (endo-steel).

Some suggested approaches:
1) Just add techs and divide the work evenly.. so for 2 techs, 960 mins would come off per day.  Best tech (Lead) is the one who makes the role.

2) Build loads of refit-logic that works out the orders and parallelism of the refit, and divides the work up logically... so some periods 2 techs = 960 mins other times the second tech is idle whilst the primary tech does all the work.  Roles are made either overall on the repair as for (1) or on a per-part basis, with new replacements being needed if they fail.

3) (My favourite) Make refits similar to repair. Create a state "Refitting" similar to "Crippled", or possibly two states "refitting-strip-down" and "refitting-build-up". Then use something like the existing salvage logic for the "strip-down" phase and the standard repair logic for the "build-up".  Rather than assigning a specific tech, place the work into the "repair" queue, and then on a daily basis each of the steps can be completed by player assigned actions as for all current repairs and salvage.

Currently I advance days with 1 tech working and another 50+ sitting around in the workshop watching him refit the Mech all by himself..


So basically you are asking for a house rule addition. Right now, as far as I understand, the rules are kind of up in the air until Interstellar Operations come out and some others come out. But the devs have done a fairly decent job at implementing the rules as is. I suggest you take your ideas over to the actual Battletech forum and see if you can get a discussion going about if things will change or if there needs to be a change. Mostly here the effort is to stick to the canon rules as much as possible.

Also, I would note that the tech doing the work already has multiple Assistant Techs helping do the repairs. Adding more people to the work might make it faster but usually not by much when 7 people (or is it 5) people are already working on the project at hand. Doing things in parallel seems to have a diminishing return when working with physical labor on a single small project when already 7 are working at it. Hardly is it ever a linear. Anymore and management of the workers will get involved and then out goes getting stuff done (Last sentence is a joke. Tongue)

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