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Adding my old units into MekHQ
Hello MegaMek world!

Yeah, another old-timer finally discovered MegaMek.  Well, that's not COMPLETELY true, I used it a LONG time ago. Back then, there was no MekLab or MekHQ. And therin lies my question:

How do I add my PnP merc units into MekHQ to continue their rampage across the inner sphere electronically? I'm sure the information is SOMEwhere on this forum, but I'm not finding it.

Thanks for the help!
Create them using MML and save them somewhere under [MHQ install]/data/mechfiles.  I created a folder named "custom" under there for mine and futher sort them by type (mech, vee, asf, etc).  From there, MHQ will have access to them for purchasing.  If you want them to be available as refits in MHQ, I believe you have to add them to the OfficialUnitList.txt file.
How about my pilots?

Essentially, I'd like to port my PnP merc game straight into MM and keep going this way (and even the Bot is a better opponent than none at all...)
The only way to do the pilots is to hire them through the market and use the gm edit function to set their skills to exactly what they have.  Then assign each pilot their mech.

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