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Solaris Arena Games Campaign
“Yes?” Alex Treyvon pointed to the reporter in the front row.
The reporter stood, “Do you have plans for this new stable to make a showing in the Grand Championship games in Solaris City?”
Alex cleared his throat, he stared his answer.  “While we do not have any intention to start out in the Championship games, if our pilots and weapons show aptitude to that level, then there will be nothing holding them back.  Next question, please.  Yes?”
A second reporter stood up.  “If you do not intend to compete in the Grand Championships, then what are your plans for this new stable?”
Alex grinned; it was the question he had been waiting for.  “The arena games were founded by weapon manufactures competing to show their products were superior to their competitors.  So it is our intention with this new stable to challenge other weapon manufactures to prove that our new weapon systems are superior.  We currently have a contract with Star League Era Weapon Systems for 16 matches.  We both have made massive strides in weapons technology and the Solaris arenas are a perfect place to show this to the rest of the Inner Sphere.”
The reporter from the Solaris Championship Reports and News stood interrupting Alex.  “And how do you plan to run both Red Fire Weapons Technology and Development as well as the stable you are calling Red Alert?”
Alex nodded his head thoughtfully.  “I will not be running both the stable and the manufacturing arm.  My son Olan Treyvon will be handling the stable.  He has always shown a far greater interest in the games than I have and believes this will be a new revenue stream for our manufacturing process.  Expect to hear great things from them soon.”
A reporter from Arena Games stood up, “And do you care to make a comment about your access to the Helm Memory Core?”
Alex put on a shocked expression, “That will be it for today.”  Alex quickly dismounted the podium, heading toward a back hallway.

--- Character Creation ---
I will be very lenient on background character concepts.  All characters will have already been signed by Red Alert. I want players to have goals and hopes and dreams.  I am willing to follow the players where ever they want to take the game, in to a merc unit or to the Grand Championship rounds of Solaris City.

All players will start without a Mech.  Mechs will be provided by the starting stable.

All players will start as a 6/6 pilot and be given 40 points of experience to build their character as they want.

6 to 5 pilot/gunnery is 10 experience, 5 to 4 is 20 experience points.  So you can have a 4/5 or a 5/4 character at creation using all your experience on just skill levels or you can start as a 6/6 pilot with 2 or 3 of the abilities below or any combination

Dodge – 8 xp
Hot Dog – 4 xp
Jumping Jack – 12 xp
Jumping Jill – 8 xp
Maneuvering Ace – 8 xp
Melee Specialist – 8 xp
Multi-Tasker – 4 xp
Oblique Attacker – 4xp
Pain Resistance – 4 xp
Sniper – 12 xp
Tactical Genius – 18 xp
Gunnery Specialization – 8 xp (you can only have 1 type of Gunnery Specialization)
Weapon Specialist – 10 xp (you can only be specialized in one weapon)
Natural Aptitude Gunnery – 40 xp
Gunnery/Laser – 16 xp
Gunnery/Missile – 16 xp
Gunnery/Ballistic – 16 xp
Iron Man – 8 xp

4 to 3 is 40 xp
3 to 2 is 80 xp
2 to 1 is 160 xp

Available Tech:
Double Heat Sinks
XL Engines
Streak SRM 2s
Endo Steel (new tech(?))
Beagle Active Probe (new tech)
UAC 5's (new tech)

At the end of the Medium Tournament ERLLs will be available (so save your cash if you want to put that on your heavies for the next tournament).

And we have advanced to 3041 (for those interested in time keeping).

Mech Hangar
In the light mech category:


In the medium category:

In the Heavy Category (in debt 2 million cbills to Red Alert if competing in the arenas):
what is on the mech table that we will be rolling off
To start with no one will have a mech.  The stable will be providing a list of mechs, and the players can simply pick one and play in the games with it.  As you generate cbills you will be able to purchase the mech of your choice.  Cash payouts will be substantially higher for using your own mech vs using one provided by the stable, but you will also be required to pay for repairs.  I think I have already mentioned this, but while competing in the arena a mech that is cored can still be repaired.  This is so the players have a better chance of surviving in the early stages of the games.  If an engine takes 3 crits, the mech cannot be repaired at that point.
Blond-haired, blue eyed Karl Bradley grew up as a bit of an Army Brat. His parents were stationed on the world of Saffel in the Federated Suns. Karl's father was a technician, working on the 'mechs that passed through the popular staging point. Karl's mother worked in the command center as a communications technician.
Karl attended the base's Military School, where he first noticed having trouble. Karl found many of the schools rules restrictive and chaffing. He was constantly receiving black marks for minor infractions. Upon his graduation, Karl had set a record for most black marks accumulated by a graduating student.
Despite his demerits, Karl had still managed to score high enough academicley to be accepted to NAMA. Karl's roommate there was as much of a hell-raiser as Karl had been, and despite Karl's intention to buckle-down and work hard, they barely managed to shoehorn classes into the space between hangovers. Despite the large quantities of alcohol Karl imbibed, he managed to graduate high-enough in class standing to be assigned to an active-duty 'mech regiment.
During Karl's time in the AFFS, his unit was ambushed and cut off from the rest of the force. In a running firefight, his company commander was killed when his ammunition bin was hit. The unit was slowly ground down by constant attacks. To the last man they were taken down. The survivors waited six long months in a POW camp before being released. Dispossesed, Karl was rotated off the front lines and dove deeper into the bottle. Finally, he was kicked out of the military with a less-than-honorable discharge.
Karl has begun to take control of his life, and has decided the best way to redeem himself is to get back into the cockpit of a 'mech, somehow, and someday be able to take the fight back to the damned Snakes. On Solaris, he might be able to do just that.

Karl is a 5/5 mechwarrior with gunnery/lasers and Hot Dog abilities.
Dirk Brennan, was he washed up and finished? ,  has been action movie star? the scandal vids thought so. His last movie fists of fury 7 had tanked at the box office it was his last shot at getting back to the acting a-list. However Dirk had a backup plan, A mechjock , over the past 10 years he had practiced on his home simulatorand used his celebrity status to practice on real mechs with local militia during movie promotional tours. He had gotten pretty good, good enough for solaris anyway. He now wanted to become the number one class unlimited pilot on the game world, once he had conquored solaris he could reignite his acting career. With a quick call to his agent he booked passage to the gameworld. Glory and Fame would be his again.

a straight up 4/5 pilot
Decisions decisions.. I'll post my pilot background tomorrow to give the background the due. Looking interesting so far! 
Kyrus Steele has dreams of becoming a great mechwarrior and lead his own merc unit someday, but he can't seem to get out from under his older brothers shadow. No matter how hard he trys, he is compared to his very successful brother and his accomplishments. His ambition and drive to over come these things has made him train harder, longer and with more intensity then most. As a result, he has become very skilled.

Kyrus has arrived with his sights on glory and fame. He'll prove himself in the arena and become the Top Dog and show up his brother...or he'll die under his shadow.

Piloting/Gunnery 5/5.  Jumping Jack, Manuvering Ace
Am thinking on which skills... bio is done... send via PM.

With the help of a few friends, and the respect he was given by others
from the Syrtis Medal of Honor he wore around his neck, Kalegg entered
the Warriors Hall Academy.  As if it was his birthright, he graduated at
the top of his class, despite his mischievious antics. After graduating,
he then joined the 6th Syrtis Fusiliers in honor of his father. He gained
great honor and respect by fighting amongst the best within the
Fusiliers. But still, Kalegg felt there was something was missing. Being
in the shadow of his famous father made this feeling more intense.
Once again, Kalegg had to bust out on his own so he left the star system
he called home to seek wealth and fortune. As a merc, he traveled to many
of the worlds that his father had always spoke of. At each of them,
he would hire out his talents, as a mercenary, and refine his talent and
skills as a mechwarrior. Over time he took to drinking, so he lost his edge.
In order to regain his edge, he found his to the game world of Solaris 7.
(02-05-2013, 12:58 AM)silmeril link Wrote: Piloting/Gunnery 5/4. Jumping Jack, Manuvering Ace

Too much XP spent.  Making yourself a 5/4 is 40 xp.  20 points to become a 5/5 and then 20 points to become a 5/4 equals 40 xp.  You can be a 5/5 pilots with Jumping Jack and MA or a 5/4 pilot.
Thanks. I miss read it. Fixed now
Seamus Lorcan Atwood Marshall

Seamus, Slam by people who are close to him, has always been in the background.  He learned everything about working on battlemechs from his father a battlemech tech.  The running joke is that the Marshall line bleeds coolant fluid.  His father always worked only for Federated Suns and later Federated Commonwealth stables on Solaris VII.  He instilled a sense of pride in House Davion in Seamus.  Seamus grew up wanting to be just like his hero Ardan Sortek.  However, the life of a son of a battlemech technician on Solaris VII hardly ever go down the path of a battlemech pilot.  So, he followed his father footsteps and worked on the machines that fascinated him so.  He became an Astech at an early age this is where he learned to basic piloting of the machines he so loved to move them around the bay and such.  When his father died in an maintenance accident he was released from the stable and became down on his luck.  He finally got work from a run down independent mechwarrior.  He worked his wonders on the ancient old light mech re-calibrating the energy weapons and creating bypasses for the coolant systems.  One day as Slam was doing the final checks on the mech for the match coming up in minutes.  He noticed that the warrior had expired in the cockpit.  He knew the mech he so carefully brought back to life was on the line in a winners take all match.  So he took the controls and impersonated the old warrior and entered the match.  The match ended being a double elimination.  The old mech was ruined but Slam made a name for himself.  He now dreams of either developing the machines he so loves or to become a battlemech pilot equal to Ardan Sortek.

Gunnery 5
Piloting 5

I just noticed we have another Gunnery/Laser and Hotdog .. so I may change the skills will be thinking..
Alright since everyone has a basic background in, just need Mekslayer's xp, I would like to try and get the first game in as soon as possible.

My best times are going to be this Thursday (2/7) or Monday (2/11) anytime.  If you can post your availability and see if we can get several people together on one of those days I would like to play the first match.

The first contract match between Star League Era Weapons and Red Alert is scheduled.  The format will be between bugs and human mechs.  Red Alert has agreed to take the Bug Mechs to show off their superior laser technology, while SLE has agreed to play the human mechs, focusing on SRM technology.  The match has been set to take place in an abandoned bomb field on the outside of Solaris City.  The field is currently being rigged with recording devices.  The field offers little in the way of protection, except a few out cropping of trees.  This will be a lance on lance fight (I need at least 3 players, I will fill in the 4th as an NPC).

All mechs that have lasers in their arms gain the quirk Accurate (-1 to hit), all mechs that have lasers in their chest gain Improved Cooling Jacket quick (-1 to heat).  The SLE's weapons have their own quirks as well, so be careful.

You can gain xp in several different ways in this fight.  Each category only allots 1 xp.  
+1 for hitting with a physical attack
+1 for a charge/DFA attack
+1 for hitting with all of your weapons (can be achieved over multiple rounds)
+1 for attacking a mech in the round it is destroyed (can be gained for each mech that is destroyed)
+1 for having a mech that carries weapons other than lasers only

List of available mechs:
Dibs on the LCT-1E?

Thursday almost any time will work for me (I happen to be staying at the Hotel I work at until my car is fixed. Free Wi-Fi!)

Monday would have to be after 9AM CST

Let me know and I'll try to make my schedule match yours.
(02-06-2013, 01:28 AM)Arkaris link Wrote: You can gain xp in several different ways in this fight.  Each category only allots 1 xp.  
+1 for hitting with a physical attack
+1 for a charge/DFA attack
+1 for hitting with all of your weapons (can be achieved over multiple rounds)
+1 for attacking a mech in the round it is destroyed (can be gained for each mech that is destroyed)
+1 for having a mech that carries weapons other than lasers only

OK, I have a question about this:

If I hit with a charge attack, would I get 2xp? 1 for hitting with a physical and one more for it being a charge?

Also, to clarify for me, each category awards xp only once per battle, with the exception of attacking a mech in the round it's destroyed. Right?

Oh, and because I know someone who will ask me if I don't, does it count for xp if you (for example) hit with a laser or something, and then the enemy is destroyed in the physical phase? (Same round, different phase)
(My son is the one who will ask. And he'll KEEP asking until I have an answer, lol)
Yes, charge attack can award 2 xp, since it is a physical and charge/dfa category.  However, a single punch or a kick will award the +1 for just a physical.  

Let me also say that there is a difference between defeating an opponent and destroying an opponent.  Defeating a mech means you have disabled it's ability to wage war, this includes things like destroying it's last weapon system, legging a mech, or causing the pilot to be unable to stand the mech upright (2 gyro + leg crit).  Destroying a mech is essentially removing it from the game, triple engine crit, head blown off, CT cored (any of these events can happen due to an ammo bin or other mishap).  If someone hits a mech with a laser, then in the physical round that mech is kicked and the leg is destroyed, it will be counted as defeated and only the players that kicked/punched in the physical round will be awarded xp.  If a player shoots a laser and a second player kicks a mech, that becomes legged, damage transfers to the CT and cores the mech ending with a destroyed mech, then that is counted as destroyed and all players who hit in the attacking round will receive +1 xp, and the player who kicked will receive +2 xp for defeating and destroying a mech.  Note: This means that for every opponent on the board there is a possible 2 xp per player, +1 for defeating, +1 for destroying.  Note 2:  You will also be allowed to not offer quarter to a mech that is no longer able to wage war and destroy it for the additional xp, but be warned that if you offer no quarter, none will be offered to you and it can end in pilot death.

So far we have 3 people with total availability on Thursday, me, Mek, and Groggy.  If I can get one more player we will run the bugs vs humans match on Thursday at anyone's availability.

If all 4 players want to have LCT-1E's that is perfectly fine with me.  There can be as many copies of these mechs available as there are pilots to use them.

Through several test games yesterday we have discovered that in a conventional one on one match, most fights will give between 5-9 xp in the solo arena games.  This is designed to get you all beyond the rookie stages fairly quickly and in to the Grand Championship rounds if you all want to go that way.  Grand Championship pilots usually start at 3/4 with at least 1 skill and a couple of edge points.
So then in the case of XP, it leads to the question of a weapons hit critting the gyro during weapons fire, and a kick during physicals causing a leg actuator to be destroyed, then the mech falls from on its CT, during piloting phase, and takes the third eng hit. Who gets and shares the kill?

(Been thru many XP campaigns where this kind of stuff happens ;-)

Count me in for Thursday! My availability is 7pm central/ 8pm Eastern. I hope that's not a problem. Haven't decided what mech I want to pilot yet.
(02-06-2013, 10:01 AM)Arkaris link Wrote: So far we have 3 people with total availability on Thursday, me, Mek, and Groggy.  If I can get one more player we will run the bugs vs humans match on Thursday at anyone's availability.

Well I would prefer anytime after 6pm EST on Monday.  I had plans tomorrow I will see if I can reschedule.  If it is on tomorrow just let me know when hopefully some time midday.
Is there some chat program we will be using for real-time communications during this?

I'm on facebook at if you want to add me
I like Ventrillo, but I also have TeamSpeak. What ever is easiest. Do we have a set time yet for the first match?

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